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        Handian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

        Handian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is the first medical institution that Handian Group has invested on. The hospital adheres to the medical theory system crafted by Zhang Zhongjing (張仲景), a great doctor during the Eastern Han Dynasty, abides by the diagnosis and treatment principles of “辯證施治 (diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient’s condition)” in TCM, sticks to the service ideal of “the greatest doctor’s expertise and sincerity (大醫精誠)”, “diligently seeks for ancient precepts and extensively gathers numerous formulas”, assumes the responsibility of rigorous and pragmatic treatment, perseveres in the pursuit of giving back to the society, and strives to develop into a high-end TCM hospital that actualizes the integration of TCM diagnosis and treatment, TCM health maintenance, chronic disease management, remarkable doctor introduction and inheritance, and the research, development and application of classical and empirical formulas.

        The Handian Medical Center is established under the Handian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, which consists of three major outpatient clinics, namely, the Complex Disease Clinic, the General Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Clinic. The Complex Disease Clinic specializes in the research, diagnosis and treatment of complex and miscellaneous diseases, with dozens of medical talents from ranging from national medical masters, experts from “Famous Doctor Inheritance Studio (名醫傳承工作室)”, national renowned old TCM practitioners, to young Chinese medicine practitioners. These talents are specializing in 9 major medical branches and thus can fulfill patients’ diverse needs.

        The General Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic has internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics and other departments to meet the common medical needs of the general public, who can enjoy quality, efficient and convenient TCM services at a fully affordable price.

        Traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Clinic gives full play to the advantages of TCM in health care and maintenance, disease prevention and chronic disease rehabilitation, and actively responds to the national “Healthy China Strategy (健康中國戰略)”, assisting the country to achieve the goal of “ensuring every citizen the access to basic TCM services” by 2020.

        Diagnosis and treatment at the Complex Disease Clinic

        The Complex Disease Center has 13 inheritance studios for famous doctors, covering over a dozen branches of medical science (rheumatology and immunology, Chinese medical oncology, pediatrics, nephrology, geriatrics, gynecology, classical formula clinic, peripheral vascular disease, dermatology, orthopedics, endocrinology, etc.). With its extraordinary medical skills and outstanding clinical efficacy combined with the high quality authentic Chinese herbs, the center not only meets the needs of ordinary people for medical treatment, but also saves them a lot of hassle in terms of “seeing a doctor”, ensuring more patients with complex medical conditions to receive timely and authoritative diagnosis and treatment in the shortest possible time.

        Diagnosis and treatment at the General Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic

        The General Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic has salient features of TCM and its team members are mainly Handian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital’s own doctors. The clinic gives full play to the advantages of Handian Group traditional Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical production. With the use of authentic medicine ingredients, refined herbal decoction flakes and Chinese patent medicine, and guided by service ideal of “the greatest doctor’s expertise and sincerity”, the clinic has demonstrated satisfactory treatment results for common internal medicine diseases, gynecological diseases and pediatric diseases. Focusing on the management of chronic diseases of the elderly and the regulation of the sub-health status of office workers, the clinic is committed to improving the quality of life of the elderly with chronic diseases and raising the health awareness and physical wellness of workers. The clinic also meets the needs of the high-end groups for personalized consultation and medical care by setting up a VIP service channel, where they can enjoy convenient and attentive services and quality medical experience as they can obtain from a family doctor.

        Traditional Chinese medical rehabilitation

        The Traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Clinic follows the guideline of “preventive treatment of disease”, gives full play to the features and advantages of TCM, and provides patients and citizens with personalized medical consultation, health care and wellness maintenance plans through the application of non-medication therapies (including needles (針), moxibustion (灸), manipulation maneuver (正骨), tui na (推拿, traditional Chinese medical massage), smoking and steaming (熏蒸), fire cupping (火罐), plaster and patch (貼敷), stone needle (砭石) and so on) and TCM health-maintenance practices (t’ai chi (太極), Baduanjin Qigong (八段錦, Eight Section Silk Brocade), Wu Qin Xi (五禽戲, Five Animal Play) and so on). Besides, the clinic also promotes all-round knowledge and health management in terms of physical exercise, daily diet, mental state regulation, proper medication intake, etc. It mainly targets at chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, “three high’s (abnormally high blood pressure (or hypertension), high blood lipid (or hyperlipidemia) and high blood sugar (or hyperglycemia))”, neck pain, shoulder pain, waist pain, leg pain, respiratory system illness, gynecological illness and other sub-health conditions and diseases common to modern urbanites, and provides them with relevant regulation and prevention measures. Furthermore, Handian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital has a health product research and development center which provides health products and services such as food therapy and health care for different social groups based on the medical idea that “medicine and food come from the same source (藥食同源)”.

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