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        Handian Pharmaceutical

        Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical inherits the essence of TCM with the ideal of “the greatest doctor’s expertise and sincerity (大醫精誠)”, adhering to the theories of TCM, combining them with modern science and technology, taking “ensuring a healthy life” as the company’s ultimate goal, constantly pursuing excellence in the creation of “classic Chinese medicine (國藥經典)” products and striving to build a long-lasting brand. Handian Pharmaceutical has so far marketed nationwide a variety of innovative drugs, including both classic Chinese medicine and modern Chinese medicine, and covering fields such as spleen and stomach diseases, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, emotional and mental diseases, orthopedic diseases, tumors, rheumatic diseases and so on.

        The personnel in Handian are assimilating the classic formulas mentioned in TCM classics like Pi Wei Lun (<脾胃論>, Treatise on the Spleen and Stomach), Taiping Huimin Heji Ju Fang (<太平惠民和劑局方>, Formulary of the Taiping Welfare Dispensary Bureau), Shanghan Zabing Lun (<傷寒雜病論>, Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases) and Danxi Xinfa (<丹溪心法>, Dan-Xi’s Experiential Therapy). They comply with the ancient formulas in the selection of authentic crude medical materials and, in combination with advanced manufacture techniques in modern times, manage to produce classic medical products, including “Ji Ling Shen (吉靈參 (補中益氣顆粒))”, “Mei Na Shu (美納舒 (參苓白術顆粒))”, “He Jie (和解(小柴胡顆粒))” and “Liu Yu (六郁(越鞠膠囊))”. The company also follows the theories of traditional Chinese medical studies, closely integrates the clinical efficacy of TCM, uses modern scientific research methods to carry out researches on the pharmacological effects of TCM and compound medicine, and has independently developed a range of medical products, including a major national innovation drug, the first dual-effect anti-hepatitis B virus natural herb in China, i.e. “Zi Ye Dan Jiao Nang (紫葉丹膠囊)”, a new drug for dual-transmission treatment of national Class II cardiovascular and neurological diseases, i.e. Daluote - Yinxing Tongzhi Diwan (達洛特銀杏酮酯滴丸), a national new drug that won a second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2002 and is listed as a protected variety of traditional Chinese medicine, i.e. Baoer – Gentongping Keli (保爾根痛平顆粒), and Heiguteng Zhuifeng Huoluo Keli (黑骨藤追風活絡顆粒), a drug that has gained a National Patent for Inventions and combined the essence of TCM of the Miao people, etc.

        Handian Pharmaceutical is diligent in seeking for ancient precepts, broadminded in gathering numerous formulas and vigorous in the combined application of TCM and modern sciences and technologies. Handian investigates the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medical studies, sticks to the “quality first” principle, provides quality, safe and natural health products under the brand-name Handian, brings “natural health” to customers, adheres to the business motto of “scientific development, creating classics”, fulfills our ideals and values of serving the cause of health, ensures that traditional Chinese medicine could serve the society better, and thus becomes a socially trustworthy enterprise.

        Production Base of Beijng Handian Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

        Miyun factory, the production base of Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in the Economic Development Zone in Miyun District, Beijing, covering a total area of 29733 square meters and a building area of over 10,000 . with about 150 employees.

        The base is provided with industry-leading workshops, production equipment, inspection equipment and complete supporting facilities. The entire production line of the factory has passed the GMP certification of China (certificate number: BJ20190428). In this base, drugs for clinical use are mainly produced, including digestive system drugs, nourishing drugs, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, orthopedic drugs and hepatitis B drugs. At present, production lines of granules, dropping pills, tablets, hard capsules and other dosage forms are built in the factory. Their annual production capacities are 200 million bags of granules, 1.7 billion dropping pills, 250 million tablets, 250 million capsules and more than 1,000 tons of Chinese medicine extracted.

        Star products currently produced at Miyun Base are: Shenling Baizhu Granules, Buzhong Yiqi Granules, Ginkgo Ketone Ester Dropping Pills, Gentongping Granules, Periploca forrestii Schltr Zhuifeng Huoluo Granules, Ziyedan Capsules, Xiaochaihu Granules and Xiaochaihu Effervescent Tablets.

        Miyun Base will continue to uphold the concept of quality and patient coming first, carry forward the craftsmanship spirit that practice makes perfect and actions speak louder than words, persistently select geo-authentic crude drugs, inherit the ancient law, strictly control flows of procurement, production, inspection and release, and strive for manufacturing the competitive products.

        According to the vision of Handian Group, Miyun Base will further intensify scientific and technological innovation, and create new drugs with high-tech content and proprietary intellectual property rights by relying closely on the strong new drug research and development strength of Handian Research Institute.