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        Wuyishan Fenghuang Tea

        Wuyishan Fenghuang Tea Co., Ltd. (short as ‘Fenghuang Tea’) is an affiliate of Beijing Handian (Group) Technology Co., Ltd. Located at Wuyishan, Fujian Province, which is both a World Cultural Site and a World Heritage Site, a National Key Nature Reserve, and the home to Chinese tea culture and art, Fenghuang Tea is one of the first tea enterprises authorized to use the “Certificate of Origin, P. R. China” and one of the first Wuyi rock tea enterprises to be certified by China Traceability Testification Platform. Boasting a tea plantation in the core of the origin of Wuyi rock tea, the company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of tea, mainly high-end traditional Chinese tea—Mi Yun Long (密云龍, a brand of Wuyi rock tea), Feng Huang (鳳凰) and a series of other products. These products are jointly created by Master Ye Qitong (葉啟桐), the company’s chief tea expert and the inheritor of techniques for making Da Hong Pao (大紅袍, Big Red Robe, a variety of Wuyi rock tea), which is a national intangible cultural heritage, tea expert Professor Chen Rongbing (陳榮冰), tea-making expert Xu Qianli (許千里) and other professionals.

        Built on the time-honored brand that Handian Group has established over the past 20 years in terms of traditional Chinese medicine, Fenghuang Tea is committed to the broad health industry. On the basis of advanced science and technology as well as professional and rigorous pharmaceutical standards, the quality of the company’s products is guaranteed by its professional team that is internationalized and its corporate management system and operation mechanism that is advanced at home and abroad.

        With a standardized industrial chain, which is the first of its kind in the industry, and products whose quality is outstanding and consistent, Fenghuang Tea is striving to become the topmost brand in the production of high-end Chinese rock tea.

        From 1078, a royal tribute of Song Dynasty

        As early as the first Yongfeng year of Song Dynasty (1078 AD), Emperor Shenzong of Song issued an imperial edict to build an Imperial Tea Garden in the Fenghuang Mountain of Jian'ou, for the purpose of making Imperial Tea exclusive to the royal family, and named it “MiyunLong”. With extremely low tea output and extremely complicated process, it is only provided for the royal family. There are twenty cakes per catty. Being precious beyond comparison, it serves ancestral temples and the royal court.

        Under the unremitting efforts of a group of experts, such as Ye Qitong, Fenghuang Tea has restored the traditional ancient tea-making process of Miyun Long and continued its royal history.

        Ye Qitong, the chief tea making master of Miyunlong, is a craftsmanship inheritor of “Wuyi Rock Tea Dahongpao” as the national intangible cultural heritage. He used to be the former Factory Director and General Manager of Wuyi Mountain Tea Plant, and is well-experienced in the planting environment, production process, tasting and production of rock tea. As the editorin-chief of the famous Chinese tea series 'Mingshan Lingya - Wuyi Rock Tea', he not only makes great contributions to tea production and tea culture research, but presides over the production of the “National Standard Wuyi Rock Tea Sample” twice. Moreover, Ye Qitong has been recognized as an outstanding representative of Wuyi Rock Tea craftsmanship

        Company representative products:Miyun Long

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