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        Technologies with national patents

        The way of Great Learning lies in the enlightenment of brilliant virtues, the remolding of people and the pursuit of ultimate goodness.

        We promote truth, goodness and beauty and serve the cause of health. The health cause of Handian Industry comes from our continuous creation. With the concept of “scientific development, creating classics”, Handian Industry serves the society with “truth, goodness and beauty”, promotes the development of medical science and technology, creates a trustworthy brand of the enterprise and fulfills our ideals and values of “serving the cause of health”.

        Through over ten years of development, the Institute attracts numerous outstanding talents from the industry, and develops to a professional team consisting of hundreds of people from a size no more than ten employees at the very beginning. Among them, those with a Bachelor Degree or above take up a proportion of more than 90%, while the remaining about 10% contains personnel with doctoral and deputy senior titles. A talent cultivation system is thus formed, that is master instructing apprentice and the senior helping the junior. As a Municipal Enterprise Technology Center of Beijing identified by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, the Institute has set up a sound and scientific drug research and development system and a quality assurance system, been equipped with advanced and complete apparatus for lab-scale tests, pilot-scale tests, analytical detection and pharmacology. In addition, the institute also profoundly cooperates with universities and scientific research institutions. For example, joint training bases for postgraduates have been founded jointly with Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and Beijing University of Technology, etc., and joint laboratories founded together with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Institute of Chinese Materia Medica China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.

        Since its establishment, the Handian Research Institute has carried out more than 100 scientific research projects, 41 new drug products have been listed on the market, and 100 national patents have been granted, including 42 invention patents.

        Patent Certificates

        Patent for “Yue Ju Jiao Nang”

        “Yue Ju Jiao Nang (越鞠膠囊)” and its preparation method

        Patent for “Danqi Ruan Jiao Nang”

        “Danqi Ruan Jiao Nang(丹七軟膠囊)” and its preparation method

        Patent for “Gen Tong Ping”

        “Gen Tong Ping (根痛平)” and its preparation method

        Patent for "Yinxing Tongzhi Diwan"

        “Yinxing Tongzhi Diwan (銀杏酮酯滴丸)” and its preparation method

        Patent for "Shen Ling Baizhu"

        “Shen Ling Baizhu Keli (參苓白術顆粒)” and its preparation method

        Patent for "Buzhong Yiqi"

        “Buzhong Yiqi Keli (補中益氣顆粒)” and its preparation method

        Statistics of various patents