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        Introduction to Handian Group

        The way of Great Learning lies in the enlightenment of brilliant virtues, the remolding of people and the pursuit of ultimate goodness.

        We promote truth, goodness and beauty and serve the cause of health. The health cause of Handian Industry comes from our continuous creation. With the concept of “scientific development, creating classics”, Handian Industry serves the society with “truth, goodness and beauty”, promotes the development of medical science and technology, creates a trustworthy brand of the enterprise and fulfills our ideals and values of “serving the cause of health”.

        Located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, Handian Industry is a high-tech enterprise that integrates production, academia and research.

        We are constant in regarding science and technology as the guiding star, setting foot in the frontline of scientific development, persevering in innovative development, committing ourselves to the scientific research and product development for the prevention and treatment of diseases, and providing high-tech products in the fields of western medicine, biology, Chinese medical science, traditional Chinese medicine (short as TCM), tea industry, etc. The company has obtained a number of patents for scientific and technological inventions and has made a positive contribution to the health cause.

        Handian Industry adheres to service ideal of “the greatest doctor’s expertise and sincerity (大醫精誠)”, sticks to the “quality first” principle, provides quality, safe and natural health products and premium medical services, and thus becomes a socially trustworthy enterprise.

        Handian Industry has a number of affiliates, including Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Wuyishan Fenghuang Tea Co., Ltd., Handian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Co., Ltd., etc.